Lead Generation

Acquiring strategy for business growth

Unaware of how to define the competition in the market it created, it needed leads for its sales and proper guidance. To make it work and boost their leads Hir infotech team worked closely with this Belgian start-up to develop and implement a sales plan for growth.


Leaders at our client’s sales team were well aware of the company's enormous growth potential but couldn't figure out how big it was or from where to start. So we need to know exactly what they think in order to have a good result. To attract new investors and build their business, we need to know the size of their entire market. Once we sought out this then, the company would need help to execute the sales plan.


Creating and Running an eCommerce Program That Generates More Than 8,000 Leads

Their company needs to develop a business strategy and a sales plan in order to attract investors and enter new markets. they reached out to hir infotech by the recommendation of one company's investors, who mentioned us as a way to implement this growth strategy.

To begin, they acquired the support of hir infotech’s dedicated and trained team to focus on financial services organizations such as banks, insurance companies, and post offices that provide financial products, all of which are based in or around the UK and the east coast of the United States.


  • Got the satisfactory, accurate and desired results
  • Despite the extremely high amount of data that was processed, the service was delivered on time.
  • The service received was prompt, competent, and trouble-free.


In order to maximize the benefit for their sales, they not only want to monitor the leads but also want to generate them. This made it more difficult for us to obtain the appropriate and important leads.

Hir Infotech not only provides service but also analyzes your needs to solve your problem.

From the client

We have known Hir Infotech for a very long time. By now, we can proudly say that they have always been to their words. The way they provide service is really commendable, and we will find them to be very beneficial in the future.

From The Client

"The analysis delivered helped us take tactical decisions that would be beneficial for our business. We look forward to a long-term relationship."

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