Data Mining For New Zealand Based Ticket Selling Company


Ticket Selling Company in New Zealand


The customer was looking for someone who could tell them about forthcoming sporting, artistic, musical, and theatrical events to be put to their site from the vast website. Additionally, it required diligence and commitment. Among the difficulties we encountered were generating templates based on the band name and event category, looking up band names and types in photos, searching for bands, cities, times, locations, places, dates, countries, ages, information, genders, tags, and genres within each category and many more.


The project required a significant investment of time and a careful eye for every single aspect of its implementation. We are satisfied that we have fulfilled all of the customer's requirements in accordance with the 100% accuracy of the data. The steps we took to overcome the obstacles were as follows: 

  • Checking the band name, venue, time, location, and tags for the searched event
  • Ensuring the details in each category are accurate
  • Confirming the accuracy of the material and its readability


  • The excellent services provided by Hir Infotech have assisted our company in making wise decisions.
  • They helped our business in achieving profitable output and making the necessary modifications in our operations.
  • In comparison to other data applications, its efficiency and affordability make it the most advantageous solution.


Though it was a little challenging but our experts had worked hard and successfully implemented the demand requested by the client. It results in Complete customer satisfaction that results in the development of a long-term connection: the contract has now been extended to include a continuous working relationship and the outsourcing of further projects.

From The Client

It was a little feasible that the outcomes would not be as anticipated, but experts at Hir Infotech have done an incredible job. Their diligence and commitment to their work are quite impressive, and they delivered the work sooner than expected, which is very appreciated.

From The Client

"The analysis delivered helped us take tactical decisions that would be beneficial for our business. We look forward to a long-term relationship."

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