Form Processing For A Canada based Company


A Canada based Company


The client needed forms processing and a marketing database of potential customers. The client asked this from Hir Infotech. The customer would host a seminar and collect data on forms to develop a database of potential clients. By using a secure FTP ( File transfer protocol) connection, these forms were to be scanned and uploaded to India.

We developed a web-based form indexer and searcher. Our team would enter and index data to create a searchable database. The customer called and followed up with potential clients using this web-based software database. This database helped the customer promote new company plans.


Information is stored on a safe server in Canada. We grab this information during the Indian morning session, then spend the next 15 hours processing and uploading the forms. We not only make daily deliveries, but also consistently surpass weekly goals that have been established. We process an average of about 12,000 forms daily, but have seen as many as 22,000 in a single day.

Web-based meetings and evaluations with the client's regional VPs and project managers occur on a weekly or bimonthly basis. Concerning regional issues, we also offer a highly efficient feedback implementation method. We were able to improve quality and decrease processing times by fixing these issues.


  • It helped us achieve a better positioning as a result
  • It provided us with a result that was better than we had expected
  • Got way more than the expected number of leads

From The Client

"The analysis delivered helped us take tactical decisions that would be beneficial for our business. We look forward to a long-term relationship."

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