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Health-Related Educational Organization


A great educator in the healthcare industry has clear commercial goals.  They need to connect their brand with local consumers and identify new prospective franchisees so that they may expand their network of locations across the country to increase knowledge and revenue. Hir Infotech they came up with a strategy to improve organic search utilizing a variety of SEO tools and collaborations earlier. The reactive nature of these strategies made it difficult to measure the effectiveness of their SEO campaigns. The company's digital marketing team need a means to increase the number of inquiries and leads from people searching for healthcare or starting businesses.


This company chose Hir infotech as their main SEO platform little over a year ago, and it has already had a significant impact by assisting them in identifying important content deficiencies on their website. In addition, the Hir infotech team made important suggestions to achieve results for Google Instant Answer search phrases, which increased traffic to newly formed targeted places. In fact, even before nearby academies had begun operations, Hir Infotech's insights contributed to increased traffic and ranking.


  • We have been able to increase our Brand's capability with the assistance of Hir Infotech by reaching targeted prospects.
  • Because of their excellent services, we were able to successfully convert our target prospects into customers.
  • Not only has Hir Infoteh assisted us in locating potential customers, but it has also made a number of fresh opportunities available to us.


A recent analysis by business found that over the past year, organic traffic has grown by an average of 70% monthly and conversions have increased by an average of 50% monthly. Even beyond their paid initiatives, organic traffic already leads all website traffic and accounts for more than half of all lead conversions. These outcomes have made it possible for their executive teams to support SEO-led website enhancements for new initiatives and to add a new position to their digital marketing team with a sole focus on SEO.

From the Client

The outcome was really quite surprising; the hardworking team at Hir Infotech had prioritized understanding and meeting our needs and demands throughout their efforts. Their commitment to the task was so admirable that it convinced us to continue working together for a number of years.

From The Client

"The analysis delivered helped us take tactical decisions that would be beneficial for our business. We look forward to a long-term relationship."

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