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Product based company in USA


A significant obstacle for the owner of the company was the difficulty of allocating sufficient time for the company's expansion while also managing day-to-day operations such as order processing, tracking, and responding to enquiries from customers. The concentration that the owner needed to put on operations related to expanding the firm and marketing was hampered by the day-to-day tasks.

Ensuring accurate, timely, and consistent customer service that will increase customer loyalty and decrease turnover. The processing of orders within 24 hours, refunds, and order tracking are some of the primary areas of attention.

Finances are insufficient to build an internal customer service team, offices, and technology infrastructure.


Since we took over the order management process and started assisting with sales and marketing, there has been a rapid increase in order quantities by 400% over the past 20 months.

Initially handled inbound sales while simultaneously migrating to an email-based way of providing technical help.

Process training on the various operations being carried out by Hir Infotech has made it possible for the client to concentrate on activities related to the expansion of their business.


  • We are now able to process orders from any location thanks to Hir Infotech.
  • They assisted us in keeping clients informed about the progress of their orders so that we could fully satisfy them.
  • They have improved order accuracy and reduced human error in addition to speeding up our procedure.


The completion of this project resulted in the establishment of a productive partnership model that demonstrates the usefulness of conducting business virtually with a customer and a support staff. In the end, the requirements and the results were sufficient to satisfy the consumers.

From The Client

We achieved a great deal of success in our business thanks to the assistance of Hir Infotech, who worked with us in a way that was very co-operative and whose highly organized team truly understood the complexity of the challenges we faced.

From The Client

"The analysis delivered helped us take tactical decisions that would be beneficial for our business. We look forward to a long-term relationship."

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