Web Crawling For Media Monitoring

Gathering News Information From a Variety of Online Sources


Hir Infotech was able to locate reliable information sources on which readers could trust in order to maintain business operations. Additionally, a vast amount of the necessary data from vast numbers of web sources was provided far too soon.


This client needed to keep the business going by offering reliable information sources that readers could rely on and helping their publication partners build stronger relationships with readers. It required quickly compiling a large amount of news data from thousands of web sources. This customer had a daily requirement to acquire millions of news data resources, which necessitated accurate and trustworthy news data scraping. The customer was seeking a data scraping partner who could give them access to genuine data immediately. They were seeking a data scraper that could do its work the quickest. Thus, scaling and speed were their main challenges. They must also take into account the fact that the directory's listing of resources is always growing and changing.

After considering the costs of recruiting internal teams, including onboarding, training, and setup, they chose to subcontract the job and began evaluating business types that would offer the data scraping capacity they required. Hir Infotech was a clear choice based on our capabilities to provide large-scale data scraping, data accessibility, data quality, and data delivery timeliness.


While gathering news data, Hir Infotech provided the customer with an easily adjustable solution that allows them to identify resources and maintain a consistently higher level of data quality. Additionally, it allowed the customer to effectively and efficiently modify the type of data they required at scale. They were able to directly scale data scraping activities with Hir Infotech to meet the daily volume of news information produced.

The customer was able to focus on the creation of new products and business strategies by offloading the collecting and upkeep of news data to Auto Extraction. The client has been able to accelerate the product development process without worrying about data pipeline maintenance because to the distribution of this data. It has made them one of the most creative technology companies around worldwide.


  • Data was provided with no errors
  • Any adjustments to data scraping were made in response to demand
  • 90% less time was needed to reach conclusions


Finding information is not difficult now-a-days because of the abundance of online sources; nevertheless, the true issue lies in locating relevant as well as accurate data.

However, in order to get over this obstacle, our specialists performed constantly in order to fulfill the requirements of our customers by providing them with the quickest turnaround time possible in data scraping.

From the client

What really caught my eyes towards Hir Infotech was that they offered the services beyond our expectations, Also they did a remarkable job of analyzing our challenges and come up with solutions, and that their working style was so organized that truly drew my attention.

From The Client

"The analysis delivered helped us take tactical decisions that would be beneficial for our business. We look forward to a long-term relationship."

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